Tennessee signs Parkey

Credit USA Today

Cairo Santos was terrible Sunday! 0/4 and with his kicks the Titans win, but we know how it goes. So of course with that kind of performance he had to be released and we all agreed with this. However, no one saw what was coming next….

Cody Parkey is a free agent kicker. Heard of him? Here’s what happened…


Cody kept the Bears from advancing against the Eagles and a shot to get in the Super Bowl with one of the best defenses in the league. It sealed his fate as a kicker in the league… until now. Thanks to Santos Parkey gets a shot at redemption. Cody I hope you’re actually in a position to redeem yourself. You can change your story now. I guarantee you that Titan fans are skeptical as hell and they should be.

This is the land of second chances so it’s up to Cody to take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t miss kid… don’t miss.