Not only did Josh Allen crush it yesterday but his defense put Mariota in a blender

If you’re smart you’ve read my previous blog about how crucial the next five games going into Sunday were to the Titans. Josh Allen wasn’t practicing early in the week due to concussion protocol, leaving a chance for Barkley to start Sunday. Well Allen got cleared and not only did he play, but he went 23/32 for 219 and 2TDS. Now he did throw an interception and he’s QBR wasn’t great but his two touchdown throws are all they needed. Why? Because the quarterback on the other side of the ball went 13/22 for 183 for ZERO TDS and took 5 more sacks to add to a year of being sacked more than he ever has been.

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Tennessee at home in the rain was going to be the perfect “storm” for a physical dose of Derrick Henry. Time of possession wins type of game where last time with it wins. Buffalo did win the time of possession 31 to 28 but it was Allen didn’t holes in the secondary that did Tennessee in. Mariota didn’t do anything to lose the game Sunday, of course he didn’t show that he could win it either.

This isn’t a “Mariota is not the answer” blog. This is a ” Tennessee didn’t take advantage of the schedule” blog. There are 4 games left before Mahomes and the Chiefs come to town, and even tho they look vulnerable, it’d be a hell of a lot easier to do as I said before and get some of these wins from struggling teams on the road to that matchup. This was an ugly slow game, but it was one that Tennessee could’ve pulled off with one or two offensive plays. Where they can get that from on a consistent basis is yet to be seen.

Sam Hicks

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