Tennessee needs to take full advantage of the next 5 weeks

9-11 is the combined record of the next 5 teams the Titans face and 3 of those wins are the Bills, whose starting QB just went down. If there’s ever a prime time to make a run, it’s now.

Mariota do you want to be the starter or no?Coming off an impressive win Sunday against the Falcons, Tennessee fans are of course hesitant, but wanting to be buzzing with hope. The fans in this city can get behind a team that shows promise and crush a team that doesn’t live up to the hype. If I’m a coach in that locker room I know that our best chance to get the season really going is now.

The Titans are NOTORIOUS for playing well against teams they’re not favored against and then laying an egg the week after when favored by more than 7! It’s as I say “PANTS DOWN” the most frustrating thing about them for sure. Let’s not forget what they did to the defending champs last year. Made my dear friend Tom look his age and ran all over the defense that held the Rams to 3 points in the Super Bowl. That same Titan team blew it in the last game of the season, which I attended, to get into the playoffs.

If this team wants to buck the trend there’s literally no better chance than right now. Take a look at the situation they’ve got in front of them now.

  1. Buffalo Bills: 3-1 the Bills have started off the season looking better than expected for sure. Even covered a 7 point spread against New England. Their problem however is Allen is still in concussion protocol along with starting safety Dean Marlowe. Barkley, who I like being a USC fan, will prepare this week with the starters. USC guy or not, this is clearly an advantage for the Titans. It’s an home and they have to get the job done and get a quality win to keep the momentum going from last week.

2. Denver Broncos: 0-4 the Broncos stink! And that’s why this game will be closer than it needs to be according to what I mentioned previously. Tennessee needs to win this game by 10 points minimum. I’m serious. Derrick Henry needs to adopt their defense and make them all his sons. Flacco is not elite and they have no answer for a true running back.

3. LA Chargers: 2-2 I actually like the Chargers believe it or not. My favorite city, face pace offense, Rivers is tough, and Gordon is back. Believe it or not Tennessee is favored so far in this game. As long as they stop Gordon they can force Rivers to throw a couple INTS then its all Titans.

4. Tampa Bay Bucs: 2-2 absolutely SMACKED the Rams on the road last week and put up 55 on what was supposed to be one of the best defenses in the league. It was impressive, but let’s not get too excited. The Bucs got up early forcing Goff to try to beat them with his arm and he played like the Goff from a couple years ago early and it was too late when he got in a groove. Mariota is 5-0 vs the NFC since 2018. Look for this to improve to 6-0 if they get ahead early. Winston will turn it over.

5. Carolina Panthers: 2-2 Newton is hurt, but the backup looks pretty damn good and is 2-0 since taking over. Another one of those games where it’ll be closer than expected. However, like I said before, Mariota vs NFC has been in his favor and they have a chance to go on a run and hopefully can expose the young QB.

Unfortunately I didn’t put a No 6 here because the Chiefs come to town in November. Now listen, we all remember what happened to New England when they came to town last year. Can they beat the Chiefs? Yes. Is this the type of game they would pull off? Yes. The type of game they would keep close and blow at the end? Sure. Anything can happen.

My point here is the next 5 weeks are incredibly crucial for Tennessee and the fans. If they do what they’re supposed to do, which is win the games they’re favored in, they will be sitting at 7-2. Sounds difficult I know I get it, it’s the NFL. It’d make all the difference in the world to their season before they start back in division games to shape the post season brackets. Let’s see how well this blog ages.

Oh one more thing. “Boss Hog” is back! LFG TITANUP!!!

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