Mariota is getting beat like a drum.


That’s the number of times Marcus Mariota has ended up on his backside this season. That’s number one in the league, one ahead of the ROOKIE Kyler Murray. Now we all know how amazing the week one win was that made all Titans fans excited about the season but let me make something clear here. Mariota only had to throw the ball 24 times and completed 14 for 3 touchdowns due to the incredible field position the Tennessee defense put him in. 248 yards and 3 scores, clearly there’s a short field to work with.

Against Jacksonville while playing behind and abandoning the smash mouth style of play, Mariota was forced to throw it 40 times in the game, while only completing 23 of those passes. The defense of Jacksonville were able to pin their ears back and blitz all night. However, here’s the issue… there’s still plays of 6-7 seconds where Mariota still has the ball in his hands. Let me tell you that it’s damn near impossible to ask an offensive lineman to hold a block for that amount of time, hence the amount to laundry on the field.

According to PFF (Pro Football Focus) Marcus’s weakness… wait for it… “Pocket Presence”… oh not surprised? Yeah me either. Here’s what PFF’s Cam Mellor had to say.

“For such an athletic player, Mariota struggles to find a rhythm in the pocket. He takes off more than most, scrambling out of the pocket on 63 attempts since the 2017 season, the sixth-most scrambles among all quarterbacks. He has invited 12 sacks on his own over that time as well, finding unnecessary pressure far too often.”

Mariota’s lack of an internal clock is killing him. It’s like he can’t make a read in the time he is allowed, or looks to run if the first read isn’t there automatically. He’s only going to continue to take hits if he can’t rectify the situation. So what’s the answer? Is it Tannehill? Do we just hope Henry can be utilized more if we’re not playing from behind early? What’s the answer??

Tennessee Titans fans deserve to know…. and soon

-Sam Hicks BCN