Recognizing the Top 5 Pro Athlete Dads on Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s day, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 pro athlete dads. This was a tough one when you have the kissing-his-son-on-the-mouth Tom Brady and the Better-Business-Bureau-F-rated Big Baller Brand Founder LaVar Ball to consider. However, I wanted to highlight fathers who are, or have recently been, at the top of their game and yet, still involved and amazing fathers.

#5 – Kobe Bryant

You’d think after winning 5 championships and racking up numerous accolades in his illustrious career that the Black Mamba would be content with taking a much needed rest. I guess we should’ve known better, especially after he won an Oscar, that Kobe has many more projects on his horizon and won’t be content with a quiet retirement.

However, his favorite project has to be coaching his daughter’s AAU team. Can you imagine being a 12 year old girl and having a coach that gets you the best gear, meet-and-greets with WNBA superstars, and learning from one of the best NBA players of all time 5 days a week?

Thank you Kobe for not only being involved in your children’s lives, but also being an influence on young aspiring female athletes!

#4 Steph Curry

Steph Curry wasn’t able to get the three-peat this year but he’s still a champion dad. Just try and count all the adorable moments over the past five years between him and his daughter, Riley Curry.

From stealing the show during post-game conferences to giving the best pre-game encouragement to her dad, Riley Curry is a natural star and clearly, has Steph wrapped around her little finger.

#3) Lebron James

Keeping with the theme of NBA Dads, is rising star and viral sensation Bronny James’ biggest supporter (and father), Lebron James. You can almost always see Lebron on the sidelines at his son’s basketball games cheering him on and offering advice during warmups.

Bronny is only 14 years old but as you can see in the clip above, he’s definitely got his father’s basketball genes and has soaked in all the pointers his dad has given him in his young and budding career. I mean, c’mon, the kid is dunking in middle school basketball games and sinking threes like nobody’s business.

I can only hope and dream that Lebron has enough years left in him to one day play with his son in the NBA!

#2 – Drew Brees

This will be very difficult for me to keep short because I absolutely LOVE Drew Brees and he has SO many amazing dad moments that I could share, like how he coaches his son’s flag football teams. However, the BEST dad moment ever captured on national television happened right after Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning’s passing record this past season.

After a quick celebration with his teammates, Brees ran over to the sideline where his 4 kids and wife were eagerly waiting to congratulate him. Most in that situation would be so full of adrenaline that they would simply embrace their family and soak it in. But no, Drew Brees didn’t want to pass up a teaching moment for his kids.

While hugging his sons he said, “You can accomplish anything in life if you are willing to work for it.”

I dare you to watch the video above and not tear up at all.

and… the #1 sports Dad of all time is….

*drumroll please*

Philip ‘Never-Pulls-Out’ Rivers

Why is he my choice for #1 pro athlete dad? Well, because he almost has enough kids to field his own offense.

Philip Rivers has definitely been a busy man both on the field and in the sheets. With 9 kids, he wins the MFP in all of sports – Most Fertile Player.

For all the fathers out there, thank you for being role models in your own unique ways for your children. You may not be cranking out offspring like Philip Rivers but the hours spent playing catch or helping with homework after a long day’s work doesn’t go unnoticed and I appreciate your role in shaping the next generation. Happy Father’s Day!

About the Author:

Margo Kleman is just a small town girl living in a sports-filled world. Currently, living in Toledo, Ohio, but a former resident of Las Vegas, Nashville and Southern California. Avid Buckeye and Saints fan (and still pissed about the blatantly missed PI call). Can catch her throwing TDs and piling up Ks in her coed football and softball leagues respectively.