Why can’t everyone catch up to Boston in sports? -Sam Hicks

The bruins just went up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals, and even though there is a lot of hockey left to play, I can’t help but get the sense that Boston is cleaning the duck boats for yet another parade. I mean come on St Louis was up 2-0 in the second period! The only thing that makes sense is all the souls sold to the devil by Bostonians are at play here. Kyrie Irving is as good as gone from Boston if the Bruins win the cup. He has to be. Can you imagine being the team that kept Boston from getting the major sports sweep?


What is Boston doing that other cities aren’t? I’m in Tennessee and we just broke the record for NFL Draft attendance. No one is more passionate that a Vols fan, and the Preds have one of the most hype stadiums in the league. So why is Boston blessed with years of sports fan heaven? There are plenty of teams in the league of every sport so you’d say that I’m over exaggerating but I’ll just leave you with stone hard facts.

2001 Pats 2003 Pats 2004 Pats 2004 Red Sox 2007 Pats 2007 Red Sox 2008 Celtics 2010 Celtics 2011 Bruins 2011 Pats 2013 Bruins 2013 Red Sox 2014 Pats 2016 Pats 2017 Pats 2018 Red Sox 2018 Pats 2018 Bruins


Since the turn of the century Boston has been king. And I think someone has to find a way to mimic this success and change the guard of sports. Until then… Congrats Boston and here comes the damn parade…. Again…