Tom Brady post an IG video of himself working out to “Many Men” and I’m fired the f*&k up!!!…. -S.H.

Look Listen, its been the same story all year, “The Pats are dead, it’s time for the era to end, blah blah blah.” I get it guys, it’s not the same time that we’re used to seeing and I too haven’t even considered the fact that Brady and Belichick may get it done this year. Then something happened….

I’m just scrolling through Insta yesterday and stumbled upon a video from the GOAT himself, so of course I check it out since he post little videos usually after each big win. Well let me fuckin’ tell ya… I regret not warning people not to test Brady’s gansta! This man just dismantled Philip Rivers and the chargers and probably made it so Rivers wife is impregnated again and now he post this!

Are you kidding me?! Even 50 had to show him love. Now I know most of you won’t understand whats going on here so let me give you some more content for this context. Over the past few weeks many people have counted Tom out, some saying he’s at the bottom of the quarterbacks that were left in the playoffs going into the divisional rounds… yes Tom Brady was below Dak Prescott…

Here are a few examples


Look at that disrespect… There’s just no reason to get Tom Brady fired up, why would you put that pressure of young Patrick. He’s already had such a great season, and I’m not saying they can’t get it done. I’m just saying please and I mean PLEASE show respect where respect is due you thumb warriors!

Only four NFL franchises have won as many playoff games as Tom Brady. (Pittsburgh, 36; Green Bay, 34; Dallas, 34; San Francisco, 30.) The Chicago Bears have been around since 1922 and the team has 17 postseason wins. The New York Giants were founded in 1925l have won four Super Bowls and only have 24 payoff Ws. The Washington Redskins were founded in 1937 and have five NFL titles (three Super Bowls, two NFL championships), yet are still four behind Brady’s playoff total.

Over the length of Brady’s career, no division in football has more postseason wins or Super Bowl wins as the Patriots. Let that sink in: Take all four teams in every NFL division. Add up their totals and not one division – not the four-team power of the NFC East or the top-heavy NFC West and AFC North – can best Brady and Belichick. Insane.

Brady and Belichick – 27 (5 Super Bowl wins)

NFC West – 27 (1 Super Bowl)

AFC North – 26 (3 SBs)

NFC South – 24 (2 SB)

NFC East – 22 (2 SBs)

AFC South – 21 (1 SB)

NFC North – 18 (1 SB)

AFC West – 15 (1 SB)

AFC East (without New England) – 6 (0 SB)

I get it you all want the next wave of Super Bowl contenders, he’s easy to want to see fail. Believe me I know the time will come as time is undefeated. I understand, but if Tom wins Sunday, when “Many Men” just want him to die off. You damn well better know I’ll be back here writing again saying…Hate to see it


Still Here….

Lets GO!!!!!

Sam Hicks