Notre Dame Owes America (mostly Ohio State and Georgia) an Apology

Clemson, Oklahoma, and Alabama all won their respected conferences and were deserving of their spots in the college playoffs. I get it Notre Dame, you went undefeated so why do you owe America an apology for anything? Because we continue to let you ride the coattails of the great teams of the “Rudy” era and even before! Every time you get to 8-0 ESPN and Fox Sports starts getting as excited as a teenager watching Pam Anderson run down the beach in slow motion. All we hear is how special of a team this years ND squad is as you barely beat Vandy by 5… oh I remember that game so don’t hide. It’s the same song and dance every damn year!

We can’t keep letting you not be in a conference and sliding in these big games if you don’t have the balls to play with the big boys. The Irish moved to 0-6 in BCS, New Year’s Six, and College Football Playoff bowl games. In case anyone didn’t understand that, that’s zero wins and six damn loses. Most of them not even good games just getting ran over and outclassed and of course out coached, but I don’t even wanna get started on the coaching issues.

So you’re telling me Ohio State or Georgia wouldn’t have put up a better game than 30-3?! Committee, we are begging you to use the eye test just as much as record so ND doesn’t have to continue to get embarrassed like this every time. Their regular season record is like putting lipstick on a pig, we know they will be exposed when the big game comes. Someone that is worried about ratings is going to start speaking up when people start getting to excited about ND playing anyone relevant. EVER!

All I know is put ND in the Big 10 or hell even the ACC, so they can just lose the conference championship and be number 7 because they lose by 3 touchdowns. Save us from the wasted playoff game that we know the outcome of before the coin toss.


American people