The Rams and Chiefs Just Showed Us Why The NFL Will Always Be King

Look listen……I gotta say I feel bad for Mexico City for losing the chance to host this historic Monday Night Game, but the field had 4 torn acls written all over it. Moving it back to LA raised the amount of star power on the sidelines as even the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, was in attendance. The wheeling and dealing of these offenses combining to put up 105 points made me realize that this is exactly why the NFL is and always will be king.

Remember the beginning of the season when all we did was bitch about the new penalties that protected the quarterback and made the game more offense friendly? Well I’d like to see how many people don’t agree with me when I say that was the best game of the year hands down! Let me be clear, LA’s defense did score two touchdowns in this game, so they were huge in the game, but these quarterbacks put up over 900 yards combined. It was a back and forth gun show, and the ice packs on the shoulders were definitely a necessity. This is the type of game that separates the NFL from other major sports. Being able to take over all the social platforms and be the talk in the office the next day as we discuss if this was a Superbowl preview, or will the Saints have something to say about that.

The NFL is about speed now! It’s what keeps us watching. When we see a game that is low scoring now days we complain, lose interest, talk about how the NFL sucks with new rules, etc. This game was awesome!!! If every game had this much firepower the ratings would be through the roof. We want to see 1000 yards of offense and to be honest, care less about defenses. You’re a liar if you tell me otherwise.

Mahomes and Goff combined for nearly 900 yards Monday Night

These two young quarterbacks are going to be the future of the league. The fire power they have at their disposal is wild. This to me was just a preview of the direction that the league needs to embrace. It’s like two star pitchers facing off against each other and we want to see who can outscore who. Marino vs Elway, Young vs Aikman, Brady vs Manning, Goff vs Mahomes vs Bress… you get it.


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