I Just Finished Season 6 of House of Cards… They Needed Spacey

I’m a sucker for dark business shows and usually shy away from political shows, but House of Cards was always my vice. Spacey has a way of taking an entire cast and elevating them to an Emmy level performance that makes us all love the art perform of acting. Which is what he’s trained to do in a way most aren’t, since Kevin is trained in live theater he has more tools than most when it comes to acting. As we know Spacey was pulled from the hit show and a major motion picture due to his bisexuality that at the time involved an underaged boy, which at the time this came out in Hollywood was a death certificate.



I’m by no means defending Kevin’s actions. Everything he had coming to him he got and his career hasn’t been the same since… Anyone seen Billionaire Boys Club that came out in August? Didn’t think so. I will however say this 4.4 million people tuned in to season 5 episode one. Episode 6 episode one… 2.9 million. You can’t deny the fact that when someone has the ability to carry a cast to the promise land. Ask the cast of “The Connors” how it’s been without Roseanne since she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Hollywood is a rough place when you make mistakes, especially in this day in age. My generation is soft I’ll admit that, but we must play by the new rules that are set.


House of Cards set the tone for Netflix originals, before there was a chance for all these hits shows. I’ll always stand by that. The run is over for House of Cards, and it was still a good one. Let’s be clear, Kevin Spacey was House of Cards, and there’s no denying it. An 8 episode farewell was the best they could do for something that had much…much more to give us all.

Sam Hicks

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