DEAR BOSTON… by Sam Hicks

Dear Boston,

I’m writing you today to tell you that we, the American people, understand that you are one of the staple cities that help build this great nation. I just have to know.. how does it feel to wake up and have the abundance of sports riches you have?

I mean really, I bet the house on your Patriots and they do just what is needed to cover because they can. The Pats have been to the Super Bowl 7 times in the 2000s. The most poplar event in the world and Boston has been able to be a part of it more than most. The Red Sox of this year are being called one of the most dominant teams of all time. Let’s remember, since they ended the curse they have won 4 World Series! Celtics are favored to win the East in the NBA, with Hayward coming back after not playing last year, and them still making the conference finals. Oh yeah, they also only have 17 championships, no big deal for you Boston. The Bruins always play well enough to make hockey worth watching when they’re on, and have had success of their own. They haven’t won it all since 2010, but they still have 6 all time.

Dear Boston, do you appreciate what you have? We all would love to have what you have, but it’s so rare, so beautiful. I get on Twitter and Boston sports guys are talking about how they’re done celebrating the World Series and are looking ahead for the Super Bowl already because they’re favored to go to that too. The audacity, but they deserve to be this way. Boston is Titletown people! And it’s not even close to being over.

Dear Boston….