Looks Like In 2022 You Can Set Sail On The Titanic…Sam Hicks


In 1912 the unsinkable ship claimed the lives of 1517 passengers and became a tragic legend. We’ve all seen the movie that made the ship famous starring a young Leo and Kate as Jack and Rose. We still believe there was room for jack on that door Rose! Meeting it’s end due to an iceberg ripping open 6 compartments when the ship could only withstand 4 compartments flooding. So much for “unsinkable”, but hey what were the odds? Of course there were only enough lifeboats for about half of the people on board. It only took 2 hours and 40 mins for the most luxurious ship ever to meet its end.

Let’s try this again….

Blue Star line in 2012 announced the Titanic 2 was in the works. The project was put on hold due to financial disputes, but apparently the show is back on. An article from Fox 17 states that the Titanic II will feature the same cabin layout as the original ship and will carry the same exact number of passengers and crew members as the original.

What I do know is this will have a nostalgic feel to it, but the risk will be extremely small. The advancement in materials and technology leave small chance for error with most ships that set sail. They will follow the same exact route has its predecessor and I’m sure people will want to know as soon as they get to the point where the unsinkable legend met it’s end…

So… are you in?