Tennessee…. Is Mike Vrabel Too Risky For You?

My entire bar of guest all watched and cheered as Tennessee fought back to make it a game against the favored Chargers. Playing in the motherland of England is always a special treat for us sports fanatics to get there fix in early in the am, or to get those bets in for us degenerates like myself. Well the cardiac boys staged another comeback and the gutsy Coach Vrabel took another chance to go for the win…. this time coming up short.

So knowing how passionate Tennessee fan bases can be, I have to ask. Is Mike Vrabel too risky for you?…

Tennessee Head Coach Mike Vrabel

Let’s not forget that a few weeks ago when the defending champs were in town, it was Vrabel’s gutsy calls that help pull of the win. Now I get it, this is a “what have you done for me lately” league and the are on a three game losing streak. So everyone is saying the Titan’s season is over, why did Mike go for it, same shit every year, etc. The fans in Tennessee are hungry to have sports to cheer for, and when a team does well it’s phenomenal to watch as almost nothing compares to it.

Fans embrace Derrick Henry after a score

Tennessee has not had a season with over 10 wins since 2008. They show flashes of grit and their “For the Boys” battle cry makes you want them to be successful, but what’s the missing piece? Can Mike Vrabel get them to gel and take the next step? Even more importantly.. will the city be patient enough to give him the opportunity?

Marcus and team fall just short

Marcus showed a lot of heart in the game against San Diego. To be honest if he tucks it and runs on the 2pt conversion, then this blog would be able how Mike Vrabel has the biggest onions on the planet! The core players for the Titans are young so the future is still bright, but it’s easy to let something slip in this league and go back to be at the bottom

My take on it all is simple Tennessee

Gary Vaynerchuk