Fights I Don’t Want to See -Steven Angel

Khabib Nurmagomedov v. Floyd Mayweather

Khabib v Mayweather

Really?!!  You want to try to sell me this shit?  We already saw Mayweather toy with an MMA fighter in the boxing ring.  In fact, I paid $100 to watch that pathetic excuse for a “fight”, and it had to be the worst money I ever spent save the other $100 I bet on Conor to win $350 just in case he “caught him” in the first round.  Enough with the bullshit.  If they do this, I am absolutely finished with both of these dudes.

I understand that Mayweather is till trying to squeeze out that last few measly hundred million dollars from his career; but not like this big dog.  We don’t want to see it.  I can’t believe that Khabib is actually entertaining this idea.  He is supposedly all about respect and honor.  AND, He supposedly turned down $15mil to fight Connor again (another fight in which I have ZERO interest in seeing), because it was no kind of fight, and every fight from now on would be for honor.

Let me tell ya something Khabib, you will be the McGregor of this fight.  This will be as one sided as fight between you and Conor, and an even worse fight than the match between Conor and Mr. MoneyBags. There is no honor in this fight for you.

The fight people want to see is between Khabib and Tony Ferguson.

Tony Ferguson

Hands down, the best fight of UFC 229 was Tony Ferguson & Anthony Pettis.  Those two dudes went at each other the way we, as fight fans, like to see em brawl.  They left everything they had out there and showed mutual respect and great sportsmanship after the fight.  Tony, of course, got the win due to TKO, since Pettis broke his fucking hand on Ferguson’s face in a total 2nd round show of badassery.   Had that fight gone the distance, I think its hard to say who would have won.

The main reason Khabib OWES Ferguson a fight, is that they have been lined up to fight several times, and have never made it happen.  The last time the two were paired up for a battle that wouldn’t happen, was April 7of this year, at UFC 223 in Brooklyn, where they would’ve fought for a lightweight title at 155. 6 days before the fight, Ferguson stepped off the stage on accident and tore an LCL, which caused him to pull from the fight.  Khabib went on to face Al Iaquinta, who took the fight on super short notice, and defeated him to be called the disputed champion.  (Yes I said DISPUTED.)

Khabib and Ferguson had been scheduled to fight three times prior to that, but it never quite worked out.  It should be noted that Ferguson is now on an 11 win-streak, which is the longest in the division.  Give the man his fucking shot.  In my, and many others’ opinion,  Ferguson is the only many who can give Khabib a real fight.

Daniel Cormier & Derrick Lewis

DC V Lewis

Okay, I get it.  Derrick Lewis was hilarious in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan at UFC 229.  But did anyone actually watch the fight?  He had been nearly knocked out three separate times throughout the fight, but for some reason, Alexander Volkov showed him a weird form of mercy we don’t see very often in the UFC.  Lewis repaid him by knocking him TF out with about 7 seconds to go.

While the knock out was cool and all, he was absolutely GASSED the entire time and there was nothing going on for most of the fight.  D.C. ain’t no slouch.  He’s a wrestler. He’s going to take Lewis down and have his way with him very, very quickly.  The Black Beast even said himself, after the fight, that he had no business fighting for the title.  I think he should take his own advice and go smoke a blunt with Joe Rogan.

Last I heard, D.C. only had one or two fights left in the tank.  Has everyone forgot about what transpired in the octagon after the UFC 228 main event?  Brock mother-fucking Lesnar bulldogged his way into the show and shoved D.C.  When is THIS fight going to happen?  I realize ole Brock is going to be out for a while due to some Mexican health supplements, but why is D.C. wasting his energy on Lewis?

If he is going to fight anyone before then, it needs to be a rematch with Stipe Miocic.  You know, only the person to hold the UFC heavyweight belt for longer than anyone in history.  But I guess we’ve forgotten about him.  I guess we forgot how D.C. luckily caught him under the chin while clinched up in his last fight at UFC 228.  My question is, would he be able to do that again?  I’m not so sure.

Hey UFC! Could we get a real match up for once, and stop chasing these stupid fucking money fights?  I get it.  You want to make money, but how sustainable is this era of money, money, money?  Why not try to grow your actual fight-fan base?  Why not invest in your best talent and give the ones who have proven themselves through grinding their asses off while simultaneously generating money for you a shot when it’s their time.  Let us follow their stories and see what they can do against these guys you have artificially propped up.  There’s another place for this shit you’re doing.  Its called the WWE.