College Basketball And The NBA Need To Wake The F*%k Up!- A Rant By Sam Hicks

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Starting the summer of 2019, the NBA “G League” will offer “Select Contracts” worth 125k to elite prospects who are at least 18 years old, but not yet eligible for the NBA draft.

This is awesome right?…. Wait. “What the hell is a G League?” That’s what some of you just said. I’m on the side of the NBA being 18 and up due to the success of the players that were allowed to do some before. The development in the NBA is completely different than a player in the NFL. 125k sounds great, but if you don’t think the elite schools won’t find a way to top what you’re paying you’re bananas!

Gassnola, a former recruiting fixer and Adidas consultant, testified that he made payments to 2 KU players, De Sousa and Billy Preston. Preston’s mother allegedly received payments totally $90,000.

Arizona Coach Sean Miller

Arizona’s head coach, Sean Miller discussed paying freshman phenom DeAndre Ayton $100,000 to ensure his commitment. Wiretaps may have landed this man in deep shit.

Zion Williamson

Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend discussed financial requests of the family of Duke freshman Zion Williamson during a phone call with one of the defendants in the Adidas college basketball corruption trial, according to a defense argument made in court.

Are you seeing the trend here? The average player from an FBS school is worth more than $260,000. And an NBA bound star that we go crazy about in March? Are worth closer to 1 million.

The might NCAA is generating more than $1 billion from TV money and ticket sales, almost all of it from March Madness. Labor is even more valuable in basketball. Fewer players, which means fewer superstars, so it should mean bigger individual payouts.

(CBA minimum salary agreement

I get that the NCAA wants to continue making it’s money off these one and done players, but don’t come looking at me when that player makes sure his mom’s bills are paid by Adidas.

I don’t have a sure fire solution to get players in college paid. It’s a sensitive subject for most, but I just feel as if this G-League move is just a bandaid on a crack of a leaking dam. But hey…. what do I know?