Today is a holiday for us true sports fans out there. Written by Sam Hicks

Today I found myself saying TGIT. Thursday is usually the day we want to go by the fastest, as we rush to the weekend and relaxation. However, today is one of those outliers. Today is what’s know as Sports Equinox

Allow me to explain further

Thanks to the MLB playoffs, the NBA season, Thursday night games for the NFL and NHL season we will have all 4 major leagues in play tonight. To sweeten the pot there will also be college football and even a soccer match taking place! Can you imagine being an intern at ESPN or Barstool Sports tonight knowing you’re supposed to catch the moments that are highlight or blog worthy. No pressure.

The Sox look to close out the series tonight against series favored Houston. As much as I hate them, I gotta say — they want it. We’ll see if Price can change his post season woes and beat out Verlander.

Broncos take on the Cardinals tonight and I probably won’t watch it unless it’s on at a poker game I attend. Both teams who won’t pull in ratings. Sorry if you’re a fan (not really)

Sid the Kid and crew take on the Maple Leafs. Look for Sid to score 2 goals in the matchup. Remember who said it first.

The Lebron era begins in LA. I’ve been a Laker fan all my life, and I’ll always love the Kobe days the most, but you can’t help but to be excited for this. I’m looking forward to seeing what the King can accomplish with these young guys. The playoffs are looking good for the Lake Show once again.

This day usually only happens once a year so excuse me while I pour my Argentinian Malbec and enjoy this time to be alive. Cheers!