Ol’ Crimson written by Sam Hicks

College Gameday is going to be in Pullman for the first time ever Saturday as they face off against 12 ranked Oregon. Usually this wouldn’t be a big deal but there’s been something special about every College Gameday since October 4th, 2003. Tom Pounds, a WSU alum decided to stitch the college flag together and attend College Gameday one fall afternoon and wave it proudly, even tho it wasn’t his schools contest. This wouldn’t have been unique except something incredible took place after this display of love for his program.

For more than 16 years, 40 campuses and 25 states, one flag has flown at every College Gameday…Ol’ Crimson. Even during the time that they had the worse record of any Power 5 team it still flew proudly.

“I thought maybe I was jinxing the team but I knew I needed to keep the streak alive” Pounds said during an interview with ESPN in 2017

Ol Crimson, a membership of alumni, fans and volunteers now had reached an amazing 2500 members and never has missed the staple show. The most incredible feat to date was being able to get a flag on the active Navy ship, the U.S. San Diego in 2012.

The Cougars are ranked 25 and have a battle of speed ahead of them Saturday, but one thing is for sure… Ol’ Crimson will fly high. Check out the full story below.